Selected for State Photo Competition ‘Rarefied Light’

Statewide Photography Competition

Every year the Alaska Photographic Center hosts ‘Rarefied Light,’ a state-wide photo competition judged by jurors from outside the state. Rarefied Light is the largest juried photography exhibition in Alaska and is the premier event for Alaskan Photographers! This year the Juror is Sean Kernan, a photographer, writer and teacher originally from New York City.

Previous Awards

I entered some photos to the competition in 2011, and three of my images were selected for the final round. All three were displayed in the show that tours around the state, starting at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art (IGOCA). One of my images was also selected as an honorable mention by Juror Kaylynn Deveney.

Last year I completely forgot to submit to the competition, but this year I submitted again. We were thrilled to find out that two of our images were selected for the final round of judging in the competition. One of the images was from our Vive Le Resistance conceptual shoot. The other was from a conceptual series titled Bible that we shot at the studio last year and is part of a large collection of shoots titled Dirt. Both of these projects are shoots created in partnership with Melissa Salazar Blake. Our models for these shoots were Jessica Zickefuse and Kenna Aulabaugh.

Final Judging

After finding out that our images were selected, the next step was to frame and mount the images so that they would be ready for the exhibition. The canvases with our submissions arrived at the studio this week and they turned out amazing! We can’t wait to turn them in Saturday for the final judging. If the images are selected, they’ll be shown at a first Friday at the IGOCA in September or October. I am so excited to find out how our submissions will do in competition. I can’t wait to see the other photographs on display from some of our talented peers. After the Rarefied Light show in Anchorage, the images will be shown in Fairbanks, Kenai, and Kodiak thru out the year.

I am most looking forward to attending the Rarefied Light Lecture on July 25th at 7pm at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center Auditorium. This event always gathers many of the award winning photographers in Anchorage from the competition. The lecture also provides valuable feedback to the photographs chosen for display.

Award recipients from Competition

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 2013 Rarefied Light show call for entries. The 91 first round pieces have been through the final jury process, with 51 chosen for the final show.  Congratulations to those listed below who will be exhibited this year from the competition. 

Rarefied Light 2013 Final Show – opens NOVEMBER 1ST, at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage

BofS   Postlethwait   Gary   Anchorage   Last Exit on Earth   Pigment Ink Print

HM   Hallinen   Robert   Anchorage   Cold As Ice   Type C Print

HM   Kajita   Ryota   Fairbanks   Snow Shower in October   Archival Inkjet Print

HM   Kamali   Javid   Anchorage   Waiting to Happen   Digital Inkjet Print

HM   Mishler   Clark James   Anchorage   April Snow, 2013   Pigment Ink Print

HM   Stroud   Mary Virginia   Barrow   Abandoned House in Blizzard, Barrow, AK   K3 Pigment Ink Print

Aronwits   Glenn   Anchorage   Purse Seine Dress   Pigment Ink Print on Satin

Avellaneda-Cruz   Laura   Anchorage   Henry   Digital Inkjet Print

Beckwith   Brian   Eagle River   The Source   Gelatin Silver Print

Biggs   Susan   Soldotna   Passing Reflections   Pigment Ink Print

Bradford   Nicholas   Anchorage   Serenity   Pigment Ink Print

Brandon   Randy   Girdwood   The Ice Bear   Inkjet on Matte Paper

Brandt   Deroy   Wasilla   Barn #2   Inkjet Print

Conti   Michael   Anchorage   Child   Giclee Print

Daniels   Greg   Kenai   Ice Eggs   Pigment Ink Print

Davis   Ellen   Anchorage   What Your Soul Sings   Gelatin Silver Print

DeLapp   John R.   Anchorage   Radiant Rock   Pigment Ink Print

Hallinen   Robert   Anchorage   Ice Space   Type C Print

Hansen   Anne   Anchorage   Terminus Wing   Pigment Ink Print

Herman   Bruce M   Eagle River   A Trio of Icebergs, Portage Lake   Inkjet Print

Heubner   Bill   Anchorage   Ice and Leaves, Ship Creek   Pigment Ink Print

Holmes   Loren   Anchorage   Baleen   Type C Print

Holmes   Loren   Anchorage   Above   Type C Print

Horton   Andre   Anchorage   jugando dominos enla Habana   Archival Ink Print

Hulbert   Ward   Anchorage   Lurking in the Leaves (BW)   Pigment Ink Print on Satin

Hulbert   Ward   Anchorage   Raven-eagle-in snowfall   Pigment Ink Print on Satin

Infante Lyons   Linda   Anchorage   Umiak, St Lawrence Island   Type C Print

Johnson   Acacia R.   Anchorage   Untitled, Bjornfjell, Norway   Pigment Ink Print

Johnson   Matt   Anchorage   Julia   Pigment Ink Print on Watercolor Paper

Johnson   Matt   Anchorage   Life Line   Pigment Ink Print on Watercolor Paper

Kashi   Joseph L.   Soldotna   Tree and Cook Inlet, December   Inkjet Print

Kashi   Joseph L.   Soldotna   Obscured Views   Inkjet Print

Kitter   Mitch   Anchorage   Bible   Inkjet on Canvas

Kitter   Mitch   Anchorage   Vive La Resistance 1   Inkjet on Canvas

Landis   Bonnie   Anchorage   April Snow   K3 Pigment Ink Print on Cotton Rag

Lisiecki   Petra   Anchorage   Marian Seldes   Gelatin Silver Print on Fiber Paper

Lisiecki   Petra   Anchorage   Christine as Wood Fairy

 Model – Christine Eagleson

 Dress Design – Enzina Matrati   Type C Print

Lukyanova   Zhanna   Anchorage   Wellbeing   Inkjet Print

Martin   Bob   Eagle River   Baptism   Type C Print on Kodak Endura Paper

Martin   Bob   Eagle River   Spinal Track   Type C Print on Kodak Endura Paper

Murphy   Richard J.   Anchorage   Confluence of the Canning Rivers   Pigment Ink Print

Murphy   Richard J.   Anchorage   T.C.Mitchell 2013   Pigment Ink Print

Nunn   Joan   Anchorage   The Worm Hole   Type C Print

Parsley   Janice   Anchorage   Hideaway   Archival Pigment Ink Print

Peterson   Breanna   Kodiak   Fake Smile   Pigment Ink Print

Postlethwait   Gary   Anchorage   Skate Park   Pigment Ink Print

Powell   Vanessa   Wasilla   Time Will Curveline the Wind   Pigment Ink Print

Rothoff   Michelle   Anchorage   Temple Fountain, Japan   Type C Print

Stadsklev   Mark   Eagle River   Sunlight on the Salton Sea   Giclee Print on Matt Paper

Swanson   Cody   Anchorage   In a Little While I’ll be Gone   Gelatin Silver Print

Wool   Kate   Fairbanks   Goldhill, Fairbanks, AK   Archival Ink Print

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