Rugby girls are muddy for their love story portrait session in alaska

Love is Love: Issa Braman and Jaime Spats



Issa and Jaime met in January 2007 when Jaime joined the college rugby team that Issa played for. Issa fell for her at first sight and spent hours sitting in the campus cafeteria where Jaime worked subtly trying to convincing Jaime to date her. Since they started dating in May of 2007, they have traveled all over Europe together and moved from Michigan to Alaska for Jaime to attend graduate school. Through all of their travels they have been able to share their love for rugby playing across the United States and Europe. The only thing more dear to their hearts is their dog, Kölsch, named after their favorite German beer.

When I first met Jaime I was still in the closet, but the minute she walked into rugby practice I knew in my heart that everything in my life was about to change because of her. Through our years together so much has changed but one thing never has, her ability to amaze me everyday. ~Issa

I could talk at length about Issa’s charm and many talents, but I’d rather say it this way. When people meet Issa they usually have one of two reactions they say “Damn, she’s awesome! Where does she get all that energy?” or they say, “That Issa, she’s a bit much.” My reaction, duh, how could I not want to spend the rest of my life with the funnest one at the bar!?! ~Jaime

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January 10, 2013

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Mitch Kitter