Gay men grow old together in love

Love is Love: Gary Dearth and Jim Henry

Gary Dearth and Jim Henry invited Shalem and I to their home for their Love is Love portrait session. Of course their puppy Cali joined us for their session. First we took pictures of them enjoying a glass of wine in their lawn. Later we loaded up into their canoe for pictures on the lake. At the end of their session we took pictures of the couple as they held hands walking thru a park in their neighborhood.

We met originally in 1979 when Jim came to Alaska to live with his sister. She and Gary worked together and Jim would run into Gary periodically. At that time, Jim wasn’t 100% comfortable in his identity and by then Gary had been out for years. Roll forward a few years (1983) when Jim and Gary went on their first date – it was Romano’s on Fireweed and C Street. Afterwards, they went for a drink (or two) and found they had a lot in common. Not a week later they moved in together and have lived as a family ever since. Both are homebodies who prefer quiet times with each other as opposed to the bar scene. Most nights you’ll find them at home sharing some wine and fine food, often with a few friends: See the pictures of our yard and you’ll know why we tend to stay home!


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November 30, 2012

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Mitch Kitter