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Love is Love: Ava and Malyn Anderson

Ava and her partner Malyn’s love story photo session was so much fun! Shalem and I met them at the Eklutna Lake ice cream shop for a quick snack. They brought a vast array of toys for us to shoot in. A motorhome (the perfect wardrobe), their Avalanche, and a pair of red kayaks. After our snack we headed back to one of the cabins that are available for rent and took some cute pictures of them on the porch. Later we went for a walk down a short trail that crossed over a small creek feeding into Eklutna Lake. Finally we got to get out the kayaks and Ava and Malyn set out for the water! Despite the substantial breeze we had, the two were able to maneuver their crafts expertly.

In the book we published for the Love is Love Project, we asked each couple to submit a story about their love for each other, below is an excerpt of Ava and Malyn’s story.

When Ava landed in Anchorage, Alaska for an employment opportunity she walked into Malyn’s office and from the moment Malyn laid her eyes on Ava, she knew there was a spark….and their love story began. The couple enjoys sharing their lives with family & friends including everything from entertaining at home to bonfires & camping by the river. They enjoy working together in their real estate careers as much as they do playing and kayaking together. Nine years, four homes, two dogs and a wedding later they are still madly in love with each other and the spark is an undying flame.

At the Love is Love First Friday Ava and Malyn’s Real estate business donated food and refreshments to feed the over 750 people that showed up to the event.

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December 4, 2012

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Mitch Kitter