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Love is Love: Trevor and Steve

We had so much fun working with Trevor and Steve for the Love is Love Project. We started at their home in south Anchorage where we photographed them enjoying a favorite wine on their back patio. Later we headed to the airport… These two LOVE to travel! It’s always weird going to the airport when you’re not actually going anywhere. Nonetheless we had a great time, and captured some images all around the place.

We asked each couple to submit their Love Story to be included in our Love is Love book. Here is an excerpt of their story:

In 1998, Steve and I were introduced but the courtship began after he was able to leave a message with Wonder Woman.  Our first date began with a ride in an extremely large Tonka Truck to the Fly By Night Club.  The night was filled with laughter and fun.  Several dates came after that – rollerblading, hikes, dinners, and movies.  By 2009, we gathered our families and closest friends and held a commitment ceremony.  For nearly 15 years, we have explored the wonders of life together.    

The Love is Love Project will be continuing to grow this summer, and we can not wait to share what’s next. Be on the lookout for new information about April Frame‘s Documentary on the project, for the new locations we’ll be traveling to, and our Kickstarter project launch.

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April 13, 2013

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