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10 Tips for Perfect Senior Portraits

Senior pictures don’t have to all look the same, working with your photographer you can create fun and creative pictures. Check out our favorite 10 tips for your senior pictures!

1. Bring a Friend for your Senior Pictures

Bringing a friend to your photo session is super helpful! Often they are able to help hold reflectors, carry a change of clothes, or let you know when your makeup has faded.

2. Plan to bring 3-5 different outfit options.

You should choose some of your favorite outfits, be sure to wear solid colors, or large patterns. It’s also a great idea to bring tons of accessories for each outfit. Accessories such as scarfs, gloves, sweaters, hats, and jewelry can quickly accent your outfit. Be sure to steam or iron your outfits before heading to your session.
Check out’s wearable 2016 Spring Trends for some great ideas!

3. Find colors and styles that suit you best.

Darker colors can help slim your appearance. Dark greens, oranges, reds, and golds work great in the fall, while colors like dark beige, pale green, or sky blue work great for summer pictures. Try to refrain from graphic T-shirts or overly baggy clothes. V-necks are always a flattering cut on a Tshirt.

4. Keep undergarments in mind.

Planning your undergarments with your outfits in mind is essential. Planning on wearing a tanktop or spaghetti strap? Be sure to bring a matching strapless bra. If your outfit is sheer, consider opting for neutral underwear.

5. Makeup

We have a number of beauty professionals that we work with at PropagandaAK and they make a world of difference! Having a professional apply your makeup or style your hair is a great way to start your senior portrait experience. If you’re interested in learning more about having a your hair and makeup done for your senior pictures give us a call at the studio.

Don’t freak out about acne. With makeup, and some love from Photoshop we’ll be able to minimize the results of acne to create images you love!

If you’re doing your own makeup and hair, be sure to apply your makeup slightly heavier than you regularly would. Be sure to avoid any makeup products that contain sparkles or glitter, this often shows up as white dots in the final image. Bring translucent or matte powder to help tone down shiny spots, and lipgloss to refresh your color during the session.
Check out Michelle Phan’s Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

6. Hair

Planning on getting your hair cut or colored for your senior pictures? Plan to do this at least one week in advance of your session to allow the hair to fall naturally. When styling your hair, avoid using too much product by heat setting it with a blow dryer or flat iron.
Check out Lilisimply’s video for DIY Soft Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial

Dudes be sure to shave or trim your facial hair before your session.

7. Make sure your hands look good.

This is a great excuse to get a manicure, or update your nail color. Guys be sure to have trimmed and clean nails.

8. Practice your posing and expressions.

While it might sound silly to sit down and watch the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model, thumbing thru your favorite fashion magazines is a great place to start looking for poses for your senior pictures. Fashion is a great place to get inspired for creative poses for your photo session.

9. Props and Pets.

Props from any of your sports and hobbies make a great addition to your senior session. Also your four legged friends (particularly puppies) are beyond cute for your senior pictures!

10. Consult with your photographer.

We love getting to know our clients! Scheduling your complimentary consultation with your photographer is the best way to meet them, learn about the photo shoot process, and planning your shoot. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!


What are some your favorite beauty tips? Shoot us an email with your favorites.


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